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Mack is a Kansas City, MO native that now lives in Colorado and has a degree in business and accounting. He has been blogging for several years and is most well known for his a digital television blog that was regarded as one of the top resources for information during the days of the digital transition. With numerous endorsements from Fox, ABC, and NBC news affiliates his blog quickly became a huge hit in the United States. He writes about many different tech related topics and enjoys providing great information, free of charge, to those that are looking for it.

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This blog is purely informational and at times may include the authors opinions. The author does his best to provide honest and unbiased information but as we all know people have opinions. The author does his best to confirm that information provided as fact is indeed fact but being that this is not a news agency or magazine with a full line of editors it cannot be guaranteed that it will always be 100% accurate. If any site visitors happen to find something that they believe is not fact a simple comment on this page would be appreciated so that the author can look into it and make changes if necessary.

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