MagicJack Plus = FemtoJack Replacment

MagicJack Plus = FemtoJack Replacment

Along with the cancellation of the femtoJack Ymax/VocalTec announced that they would still be coming out with an upgraded version of the original magic Jack. And no this new one doesn’t work with cell phones but it does have some interesting features that make it a definite and immediate upgrade over the original magicJack.

This new device has been tabbed the magicJack Plus ( and it is being designed as a standalone device that doesn’t require the help of a computer to operate. Instead the magic Jack plus hooks directly into an USB AC adapter on one end and directly to the phone cord on the other.

The biggest hangup with the original magicJack was that some many people ran into problems when involving their computer. Problems ranged from certain computers lacking compatibility all the way to some people simply hating the idea of having to keep their computer on 24/7.

The new magicJack plus solves all of those problem since, as stated above, it doesn’t have to be hooked up to a computer. Instead it works via Wi-Fi. That is actually the only catch I could find. You can’t just have Internet, you have to have Wi-Fi that the magicJack plus can tap in to.

Besides this awesome upgrade it has also been reported that the plus will have several upgrades that are suppose to drastically improve voice quality.

All in all I was pretty excited about this site being the leader for femtoJack information on the web but since its cancellation there isn’t much of a point to the site but I figured I’d at least give visitors an update.